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Only 1% of college students are American Indian.

You can change that. Donate now and help our numbers grow.

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Student Success Stories

Your donation funds education for our next generation of leaders. Learn more about a few of our past students and recent graduates and see how an education opens the door to a world of opportunity and fulfilled potential.

Your Donation Covers

Every gift to the American Indian College Fund makes a huge difference for our students. Your generosity helps cover tuition, living expenses and more. Here are just a few examples of where your donation could go.


One Year of Tuition at a Tribal College


Lab Fees


A Day of
Child Care




One Month of


School Supplies
for a Semester


Food for
One Month

Facts About the Fund

Over the past 25 years, the College Fund has provided more than 100,000 scholarships to American Indian students.

Last year, the College Fund distributed over $5.3 million in scholarships and program support. This translates to 6,158 scholarships for American Indian students, 1,533 of whom are the first in their families to attend college.

Applications to the College Fund are up 12% since last year; however, due to high demand, we can only support one in four students. Please donate today and help us provide funding to every applicant.

American Indians are the most underserved group in America when it comes to education. Less than 13% of American Indians earn a college degree compared to 28% for other groups.